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Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. 2019

Organizing Institute : IIT Kharagpur

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 01:  

How do I apply ONLINE?


Go to the link "How to apply?", read the instructions and apply using the JAM Online Application Processing System (JOAPS) link provided in JAM 2019 website.

Question 02:  

Can I use one E-mail address to fill multiple application forms?


No. One E-mail address can be used to submit only one application form.

Question 03:  

I have a problem logging in to the JOAPS website? What do I do?

  • If you have forgotten your Enrolment ID or did not receive your Enrolment ID, you click 'Forgot Enrolment ID or Password?' button in the JOAPS login page, then click the 'Forgot Enrolment ID' button and provide mobile number and E-mail address. Enrolment ID will be sent via SMS/E-mail.

  • If you have forgotten your JOAPS password, you click 'Forgot Enrolment ID or Password?' button in the JOAPS login page, then click the 'Request for an OTP' button and provide mobile number, E-mail address and Enrolment ID. You can then reset the JOAPS password with the help of OTP received via SMS, by clicking the 'Already have an OTP?' button.

  • If you have forgotten the Enrolment ID and E-mail address/mobile number and payment has not been made, you must re-register. If you have made the payment, then contact the JAM office.

Question 04:  

For how many JAM papers can I apply?


A candidate can apply for either one or two out of the seven JAM test papers subject to the restriction imposed by the Test Schedule given in the Information Brochure or JAM 2019 website. The choice of the appropriate test paper(s) is the responsibility of the candidate. Some guidelines in this respect are suggested below.

  • The candidate is expected to appear in paper(s) appropriate to the discipline of his/her qualifying degree and/or based on the requirements of the academic programme to which he/she desires to seek admission.

  • The candidate is, however, free to choose any paper according to his/her admission plan, keeping in mind the eligibility criteria of the institutions in which he/she wishes to seek admission.

In all cases, the candidate must go through carefully the Information Brochure and/or the link Eligibility Requirements(ER) & Minimum Educational Qualifications (MEQ) in the website and check the ER and MEQ of the programme(s) in which the candidate wishes to seek admission before deciding on the test paper(s).

Question 05:  

Why should I choose three examination cities?


Candidate is most likely allotted a centre in the examination city of his/her first choice. Only in cases, where there are too many candidates opting for a certain city as their first choice, the other two choices shall be relevant. A candidate is required to fill his/her primary as well as secondary choices, but should remember that because of operational constraints, the JAM committee reserves the right to add a new city or remove an existing one, and allot a city that may not be any of the choices of a candidate.

Question 06:  

My power/internet connection failed during the application process, what do I do?


If you have clicked on the 'Save' button during the application process, the data you entered up to that point of time has been stored online. Simply login back to the JOAPS website and continue the application process. If the data is not saved, you have to start the process afresh.

Question 07:  

What are the special provisions available for PwD candidates in JAM 2019 examination?


For PwD candidates with any category of disability (viz., blindness or low vision, hearing impairment, locomotor disability, and/or cerebral palsy), benefit will be given to only those who have at least 40% permanent physical impairment with respect to a body part/system/extremity/whole body, etc. In order to avail concession under the PwD category, the candidates should upload a recently obtained valid PwD certificate issued by competent authority. 

A PwD candidate, if needed, can take the assistance of a Scribe during the JAM 2019 examination. Scribe is a person who can assist the PwD candidate by ONLY reading the instructions and the test paper displayed on the computer screen verbatim, and also in mouse-clicks, if the candidate is not able to do so. If the scribe is needed, then a PwD candidate should confirm the requirement of a scribe while filling up the application and must upload the PwD certificate.

Question 08:  

I have a problem in uploading my photograph and/or signature to the JOAPS site. What do I do?


Please go through the "How to apply?" link for exact specifications for the photograph and signature files. If you create the files as per the specifications, then you should be able to upload the files easily.

Question 09:  

You are asking only the SC/ST and/or PwD candidates to upload the category certificate. What about the OBC (non-creamy layer) candidates? Do I have to upload my OBC-NCL certificate too?


No. You don't need to upload your OBC-NCL certificate at the time of applying for JAM 2019 examination. Category certificate is required at this stage only to claim the concessional rate for the application fee. The rank list will be prepared based on the category declared by the candidates in the application form.

However, you have to submit the OBC-NCL category certificate in the prescribed format along with other required documents when you submit your application form for admission after the declaration of JAM 2019 results. The final seat allotment will be done based on the OBC-NCL certificate submitted along with the application form for admission. Please refer to the Information Brochure for more information.

Question 10:  

After submission of application, am I permitted to change my JAM Examination Paper(s) and Examination City?


Requests for change of JAM Examination paper(s) after the submission of Application Form will not be considered under any circumstances. Therefore, you must make clear choice(s) of the test paper(s) that you wish to appear in JAM 2019. 

However, requests for change of examination city will be accepted until a deadline against a fee. Please refer to the Information Brochure and JAM web site for more information on this.

Question 11:  

How do I make the application fee payment for JAM 2019 examination?


There is a link to a payment gateway from the application portal. The candidate can choose from any of the payment options available. The additional charges such as service charges. processing fees or bank charges, have to be borne by the candidate. For details of the fees to be paid, refer to the Information brochure.

Question 12:  

After making payment, how should I complete the application process?


After the payment is successful, you will be redirected back to the JOAPS website. You will now be able to download the complete filled in application form with fee payment details in .pdf format. Take a printout of the entire PDF file for your future reference/use.

Question 13:  

The power/internet connection failed during my online payment. What do I do?


When you can get back online, first check the status of your payment on the JOAPS website. If the payment was received by JAM, a message to this effect will be displayed and now you can continue the usual process. If the payment was not received by JAM, you have to start with the payment step again, to complete payment.

Question 14:  

My net-banking account/debit card/credit card has been debited (money taken out) more than once. How do I get the money back?


This can happen if your bank account/debit card/credit card was used more than once or you pressed refresh or back/forward button of your internet browser. Any unaccounted or excess money that was received on behalf of JAM 2019 will automatically be returned (credited) to the bank account. Similarly, any unaccounted or excess money received from debit card/credit card account will be credited back to the same account.

Question 15:  

My bank account has been debited (money taken out), but JOAPS website says that the payment has not been received. What do I do?


This happens because of some failure in internet transactions (including failure of internet connection at your end). Please login back to JOAPS after one hour and check the status of the payment. Even then, if JOAPS does not acknowledge any fee payment, you MUST initiate a fresh payment process on the JOAPS website, and make the payment again, even without waiting or the money to be credited back to your account, so that your application submission is on time. The money that was debited (taken out) from your account in the first attempt, will be credited (put back) to the bank account. You will be charged only once. Any excess/unaccounted debits will be returned to you.

Question 16:  

Do I have to send the printout of the application form?


No. You do not have to send the printout of the application form to the Organizing Institute (IIT Kharagpur) or any other JAM zonal Offices. This is to kept with you for records.

Question 17:  

When and how will I know the status of my application?


You can check the status of your application by logging in to the JOAPS website.

Question 18:  

After completing the ONLINE application process and generating a .pdf file, will I be able to change my application data?


No. After completing all the steps up to .pdf application form generation in the ONLINE application process, you can only download the application form and CANNOT modify the data. Hence you need to be very careful while entering the data.

Question 19:  

I have missed to take a printout of my ONLINE application at the end of my application process. How will I get access to it?


You can login using your JOAPS Enrolment ID and JOAPS password and take a printout from the JOAPS website.

Question 20:  

If I have not uploaded photograph as per the specifications mentioned, will my application be rejected?


Yes. the application may be rejected.

Question 21:  

Which Identity Document (ID)'s shall be accepted in the application form?


For Indian candidates, only following identification cards shall be accepted: Passport, PAN card, Voter ID, Aadhar-UID, College ID, Employee ID and Driving Licence. For International candidates, only valid Passport/ Government Issued ID/College/Employee ID shall be accepted as the recognized identification.

Question 22:  

I have not yet graduated the qualifying degree. Do I still need to fill the 'Percentage of Marks/CGPA' field ?


Yes. Enter your latest Percentage of Marks/CGPA in the field.

Question 23:  

When will I receive my admit card?


Admit Card can only be downloaded from the JOAPS website from 4th January 2019. Admit Cards will NOT be sent by post or as e-mail attachment.

Question 24:  

Is the Admit card alone sufficient to gain entry to the examination centre?


No. The Admit Card has to be brought to the examination centre along with at least one original (not photocopied/scanned copy) and valid (not expired) Identity Document (ID), whose details have been entered while filling the application. For Indian candidates, only following identification cards shall be accepted: Passport, PAN card, Voter ID, Aadhaar-UID, College ID, Employee ID and Driving License. For International candidates, ONLY a valid Passport/Government issued ID/College ID/Employee ID shall be accepted as the recognized identification. Candidates will not be permitted to take the examination if the original and valid ID is not presented.

Question 25:  

Can I bring soft copy of the Admit card (in mobile phone/ tablet/ laptop) to gain entry to the examination hall?


No. Hard copy (printed in colour) of the Admit Card should be brought to the examination centre along with at least one original (not photocopied/scanned copy) and valid (not expired) Identity Document (ID), whose details have been entered while filling the application.

Question 26:  

What is the pattern of JAM 2019 examination?


The JAM 2019 examination will be conducted as Computer based ONLINE examination.

Question 27:  

Why should I appear for JAM 2019 Examination ?


JAM 2019 Examination is conducted for admission to various academic programmes (as listed in the Information Brochure) in IISc and IITs for the academic year 2019-2020 only. In all cases, you must go through carefully the Information Brochure and/or the link Eligibility Requirements & Minimum Educational Qqualifications at JAM 2019 website and check the Eligibility Requirements and Minimum Educational Qualifications (MEQ) of the programme(s) in which you wish to seek admission before deciding on applying for JAM 2019 examination. If you have not yet graduated in the qualifying degree, you are still eligible to appear in JAM 2019 examination. However, on qualifying in JAM 2019 examination, you can apply for provisional admission subject to the condition that: (a) all parts of your final examination shall be completed by the date of registration of the Admitting Institute, and (b) proof of having passed the qualifying degree with required eligibility, as specified by the Admitting Institute, will be submitted by September 30, 2019.

Question 28:  

Will I be provided the paper sheets for rough work and calculations during the test?


A scribble pad will be provided to the candidate that can be used to do the rough work. The candidate has to return the scribble pad after the examination.

Question 29:  

Am I allowed to leave the examination hall during the test?


No. Candidates will not be allowed to leave the examination hall for any reason during the test. Candidates are allowed to leave the examination hall only after the closure of the test at the scheduled end of examination in a session.

Question 30:  

What items are not permitted to be brought with me inside the examination venue?


Only admit card, identification card and a pen shall be permitted to be taken inside the examination hall. Mobile phones, physical calculators, wristwatches, or any other electronic items are NOT permitted inside the examination hall. If a candidate brings any of these items, they have to be kept outside the examination hall at the candidate's own risk. If the candidate is found to be in possession of these items (even if not using them), he/she shall be disqualified and the result shall not be declared for the candidate.

Question 31:  

Can I bring a physical calculator during the examination?


No. During the online JAM 2019 examination, all candidates will be provided with a virtual scientific calculator which has to be used to answer the questions. Mobile phones, physical calculators, smart watches, or any other electronic items are NOT permitted inside the examination hall.

Question 32:  

Will there be any arrangement at the test centre for the safe keeping of my personal items such as my mobile phone?


No. Such arrangements will not be made at the examination centre. If a candidate brings personal belongings including mobile phones, they have to be kept outside the examination hall at the candidate's own risk. The JAM officials are not responsible for safe keeping of your personal items.

Question 33:  

What happens if a physical calculator (even on an electronic watch) or a mobile phone (even in switched off mode) is found in my possession in the examination hall?


Such cases will naturally constitute violation of JAM 2019 code of conduct and will lead to disqualification of the candidature.

Question 34:  

What are the details of the guidelines that will be followed about PwD candidates writing JAM 2019 examination?


JAM 2019 will follow the guidelines as mentioned in the government regulations. Please refer to: 1) http://www.ccdisabilities.nic.in/content/en/docs/omguide.pdf and 2) http://www.ccdisabilities.nic.in/content/en/docs/CCDLetters.pdf

Question 35:  

Will the facility of scribe and/or additional time be given to all PwD candidates?


Please refer to http://www.ccdisabilities.nic.in/content/en/docs/CCDLetters.pdf (in particular to the fifth page of the document) for the clarification issued by CCPD on 18.03.2013. The facility of scribe is meant for only those PwD candidates who have physical limitation to write including that of speed. The additional time would be applicable only to such candidates.

Question 36:  

Will there be a 'magnified question paper' for visually challenged PwD candidates?


Yes. Once you reach the examination hall please contact the JAM Institute Representative through the invigilator in your examination hall and he/she will do the needful.

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